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Anniversary weekend: Part 2

Stewart’s guest post:

On Sunday, Jenn and I went to the Benjamin Bridge winery &vineyard located in Wolfville, NS. We opted for the Masters Tasting which gave us a 3 hour tour and guided sampling of their entire product line lead by their wine master, Jean-Benoit Deslauriers.




Surprisingly we were the first people to ever tour their new facility (apparently I stumbled upon that part of their website before it was supposed to be released to the public). This gave us a rare
opportunity to sample their entire line of Nova 7 wine from 2006-present. The 2006 being the prototype, never released commercially, and the 07 and 08 bottles are down to just a couple
cases stored in the family’s personal cellar. Same for their sparkling wine, such as the blanc de noirs (we selected that for our complementary take home bottle). So we’ll be one of only a few tours who get to see all of that.





We also got to drive around in their “Gator”, basically a 2-seater ATV with a small dumper on the back. It allowed us to view their many acres of different grape varietals, and take a quick trip to see the Gaspereau river at the very bottom of their vineyard. It was interesting to see the grounds where something you enjoy is first grown. In the case of the sparkling wine, it will be 8+ years before we see the end results of the grapes we saw growing today.




The best part for me was to hear how each wine was made, and in some cases there was a family story as with their Sauvigon Blanc. Although that grape is very hard to grow here, it was a favourite of the late co-founder and wife of the remaining co-founder, who still tends a couple acres in her memory for his family’s private reserve. Allowing us to sample a bottle was something very special.

During the tastings they provided a plate of local vegetables, cheese, meats, and bread. All fresh, and all awesome. All-in-all it was a great afternoon. Prior to the big Europe trip, Jenn and I had planned on doing this for our 10th year anniversary, so I’m glad we had the opportunity to still go.






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