Beautiful Budapest

After having rain showers follow us through most of our travels, we have finally found the sun in Budapest. Temperatures are in the high 20s to low 30s and I’m applying sunscreen hourly. Our flat is located close to the opera house and the famous Andrássy Avenue, where we found great shopping and restaurants. The Veuve Cliquot terrace at Callas restaurant was the perfect place to spend an afternoon relaxing.






Our first evening we decided to take a walk down by the Danube river, see the Chain bridge and Parliament building. The sun was just starting to set and the light was beautiful. We walked across to the Buda side of city and then strolled back to the terrace at the Sofitel hotel for mojitos and a late supper. Sitting there chatting away, Anne spotted us and came to join us for the evening.





The next few blog entires will be all about our bus tour, our relaxing day the the baths and our day trip outside of Budapest.


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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Budapest

  1. Janelle on said:

    Love reading your travel blog Jenn! What are those small red berries in your dessert–the ones on top of the whipcream? I don’t recognize them. Was curious.

    • JMabey on said:

      Hi Janelle, glad you are enjoying the blog. The red berries are called currants. They have a sour, tart taste to them; I also had them with breakfast in Copenhagen on my yoghurt and granola.

      • Janelle on said:

        Ok…so they’re currents 🙂 Not sure I’ve ever had a current. I love tart fruit, so I’m sure they were delish!

  2. Bob Illman on said:

    Very nice,Jenn
    Now a question,
    When are you or have you already applied to be Tourism Co-Ordinator for the European Union?

  3. Margie on said:

    Hi Jenn, Loving the Blog… you and Alison are looking so relaxed and refreshed.. the pictures are great !! love you..

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