Adventures with ampelmann in Berlin

Apologies for the delay in this post, our flat in Budapest is without wifi for the current time, so while this was written a few days ago, I’m only able to post it now from our hop on hop off bus tour in Budapest.


I’ve been having a hard time processing everything I’ve experienced in Berlin. It’s the place that’s surprised me most on our travels. On a historic level it’s huge and I wanted to understand where I was visiting. The memorials and museums are numerous and I was understandably moved at both the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe Information Centre and the Museum at Checkpoint Charlie.



We also wanted to experience the fun side of Berlin; the shops, restaurants and bars that have only existed in our lifetime. We had great meals and amazing drinks and enjoyed sitting on terraces and laughing together. I’ll cherish that memory of Berlin too.



It rained on and off for the 3 days we were in Berlin and because we had to be so “stop and go” with our plans, that’s where the blog title comes from. Amplemann is the name of the figure on their crosswalk lights. It got to be quite the joke with us and when we found the Amplemann souvenir store, we went to town 🙂


We also had a running joke about when I crossed the line where the Berlin wall used to be (it’s marked with cobblestones and in many cases metal plates with the dates), it would start to rain. I’m surprised by the quality of my pictures from the east gallery and the stelae of the Murdered Jews of Europe Memorial as the rain was coming down in buckets at those points in time.








Happily the rain would stop within 15-20 minutes and we would be on our way again. The other factor that we’ve encountered is the large amount of construction going on in Europe. Whether it is restoring historic properties (like the Kaiser Wilhelm church, whose exterior was completely covered up), digging new metro lines, building sites and temporary walkways were very commonplace on our travels.
Budapest is the last stop on the trip. We are looking forward to warmer temperatures and further adventures.

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