Madonna concert

We spent most of Thursday sleeping in, doing laundry, packing for the next 2 weeks and of course getting ready for the Madonna concert. I’ve always wanted to see her live and was unhappy when I saw that all the US/Canada concert dates were all in the fall, so this concert was what really got the ball rolling with this trip to visit Alison. She’s the one who secured the tickets and the experience certainly lived up to my expectations. We had wine to toast the occasion and then we caught the metro. I picked up a concert tee and program and we had pre show street waffles.


There were about 40,000 in attendance at Roi Baudouin Stadium, which is partly open air and the stadium stands are covered. We had 4th row seats in the stadium. The opening act started shortly after 9pm, after they decided to cover the stage in carpet as the forecast was for rain showers.
A techno DJ Marin Solvteg was the opening act and he mixed a great selection of songs, both of Madonna and current radio favourites.


This video gives you can idea of the stadium set up. At 0.07 sec pause the video. It shows a rectangular plastic cover for one of the video cameras, we were in the lower part of the stadium just to the left of that shelter. (note: I did not take any of these videos)

Waiting for the show to start

The show got underway shorty after 10pm. The opening had a heavy religious slant (monk like costumes, giant incense censer, bell tower and church projection) and she appeared silhouetted in a confession type pose. This shattered away, leaving her on a top platform and they went into Girls Gone Wild. Great energy for the opening number, she was really singing (although she had a lot of backup and most likely prerecorded support). She can keep up with her dancers and I loved the floor work sections. The stage had a number of vertical platforms and the lights and projections changed frequently for each number.



(both of these photos are from

Revolver was next, followed by Gang Bang, both from the new album. Lots of guns and violence but that’s what the songs are about. The set for Gang Bang was cool, blood projections would spatter as each “lover” was shot and the girls dancing in Revolver reminded me of a spy/Charlie’s angles type routine.




(these photos are also from

An updated Papa don’t preach was next followed by Hung Up (playing guitar) and then I don’t give a … which ended the set with her sinking into the stage for a costume change.






(photo #2 and #3 are actually my photos, the others are from

The second set was awesome. They marched on stage with the cheerleader/majorette costumes and did a great mix of Express Yourself, which then went into a mash up of Gaga’s Born this Way, with a bunch of “she’s not me” thrown in before a drum line began and segued into Give Me All Your Luvin’ complete with drummers suspended from the rigging. Amazing energy and we were dancing the whole time.

Video of this section from Istanbul



(both of these photos are from

The next section was my absolute favourite and I expected it to be. It started with dancers with white masks which led into a series of finger snaps so I knew it was Vogue. This was also the best costume, Gautier designed homage to the cone bra corset over white silk shirt, black tie, pinstripe pants with silver pocket watch chain. Loved it, loved it, loved it. Dancers costumes were just right and I could have gone home after it was done. But candy shop, human nature and a slow version of like a virgin with an umbrella in the full out rain that was coming down at that point did not disappoint.

Video from this set





(photo #3 is my own, photo #1 is from and the others are from

The show ended with full choir version of like a prayer followed by a neon party rock version of celebration. We were wet and tired out by that point but still dancing along.



(both of these photos are from

The rest of the night was frustrating. On our way there, the signs in the metro indicated they would be running after the concert, past when the metro would normally stop. But even though we arrived to the metro before midnight, everything was closed. So we followed the crowd to some muddy parking lot (it was raining quite a bit at this point) and we tried another metro, which again was locked up too). Eventually we found a bus shelter and called Andrew who thankfully came to get us. It was exhausting as we had to be up just a few hours later for our flight to Copenhagen, but I’m glad that I went and all in all I had an amazing time.


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One thought on “Madonna concert

  1. Margie on said:

    Jenn what an amazing night it must have been for you and Allison… and your write up is great and pictures as well… I thought the pictures you pointed out as yours were yours ..everything that did not go as arranged for the evening just made memories…. hope you enjoy copenhagen…. loving the Blog… everyone who is watching and reading is enjoying , Christa is loving it as well…. I called Stew, not long after you had been speaking to him to wish him a Happy Anniversay…

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