A fast train to Paris

On Saturday afternoon we made our way to Gare Midi for our Thalys train to Paris. I was impressed with the comfortable seats and smooth ride considering we travelled at about 300km/h. The entire trip took less than 90 minutes and we arrived at Paris Gare du Nord.20120708-080815.jpg20120708-080922.jpg
We took the metro to the 3eme arrondissement and found our apartment. The location is close to the archives and Pompidou modern art museum. We walked down rue des archives and soon found ourselves in the square in front of Hôtel de Ville. It was from there that it really hit me hat I was in Paris as you coud see Île de la Cité with Notre Dame.

We crossed Pont d’Arcole into Île de la Cité and entered the square in front of Notre Dame. The details in the sculptures on the facade was remarkable. We entered the cathedral and a mass was underway. The silence maintained was reverent and we kept to the sides of the church. The rose window was stunning and the lit chandeliers gave everything a soft glow.
We walked along the side of Notre Dame to see the flying buttresses and into Square Jean XXXIII. We took a bottled water break on a bench and admired the fountain and flowers. We then crossed Pont de l’Archevêché, which is adorned with thousands of “love locks”. Lovers write their names or initials on the locks and lock it on the bridge, a romantic gesture that fills both sides of the railings.
Now that we were in the Latin Quarter, we searched out a bistro for supper. Alison had stayed in this area on a previous trip, so she knew some of the restaurants in the area. We settled in at Le Jardin d’Artemis. I enjoyed stuffed mushrooms, confit de canard and chocolate fondant cake. We also had a full bodied Côtes du Rhône wine.



Tomorrow’s post will be all about museums! Bonsoir de Paris!


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5 thoughts on “A fast train to Paris

  1. Looks beautiful. I do need to go back sometime. Once when I was 10 (and sick) doesn’t count for much.

  2. Katherine on said:

    Awesome Jenn, did it take everything within you to not break out into Les Mis songs?!

  3. Pamela Coates on said:

    I am so happy for you keep having fun. Love Pam

  4. Bob Illman on said:

    C’est si bon Jenn

  5. Margie.. on said:

    C’est si bon Jenn

    Aunt Margie….

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