Rain, rain go away

The weather here has been wet for the last few days, so our sightseeing has slowed a bit. On Thursday we visited a farmer’s market and picked up fresh bread and charcuterie. It was a real mix of vendors selling everything from clothing and cosmetics to flowers and fruits and vegetables.
Thursday afternoon we went shopping at Dod. Dod reminded me the store Century 21 in NYC, but if you haven’t been there, think of a large multi level Winners or TJmaxx. Designer labels from last season with discounted prices. I resisted the €50 Valentino scarves and picked up a pair of pewter leather flats for less than €25. We found quite a few nice pieces for Alison and walked home quickly in the rain.

The shopping continued on Friday after we drove Anne to the airport for her flight to Spain. We went to the Woluwe shopping center. It was very similar to North American malls, except of course for the stores. I enjoyed shopping at Ms Mode, Paprika (both clothing stores) and my favourite store form my last European trip, Oil and Vinegar.


20120707-230840.jpgJust a few of my shopping finds

Thursday’s supper was a feast at Alison and Andrew’s, starting with the cheese, bread and charcuterie we purchased at the market. We had boudin de Liege, mousse au sauternes and pâté de campagne.



The main course took a 180 degree turn with Chana Masala and butter chicken over Basmati rice. Alison is a talented chef and we lingered over the table chatting and having a great time. After dinner Andrew mixed Caipirinhas, Brazilian muddled drinks, for Alison and I.



Friday night we went to the wine bar that I have been dying to go to since Alison posted about it on her blog Cheeseweb. We went with Vi, Alison’s Latvian economist/photographer friend, who also was with us earlier in the week at Le coin des artistes. This place has the wine scene all figured out; lots of by the glass availability from around the globe, a boutique to purchase your favorites to take home with you, and bite size scrumptious tapas to keep you satisfied and lingering well into the night.



But above all, the automatic wine dispensers are ingenious. You purchase a pre-paid debit card that you insert into a small glass display case with 8 bottles of wine and select the amount you wish to have ( just a small taste, a half glass or full glass). The prices are displayed on the touch screen and your card is debited the amount. And I have to say that all the wines I tried were delicious, but the best was an Italian red that I had close to the end of the evening.



Stay tuned tomorrow for my first post about Paris!


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2 thoughts on “Rain, rain go away

  1. Pamela Coates on said:

    what an exciting trip–looks like you are having some much fun. Love Pam

  2. You are soooooo not going to want to come home after this 😉

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