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Arrival in Iceland

It’s been one of the longest days ever! Our red eye Icelandair flight was smooth and without incident. I found the seats comfy and the inflight entertainment system enjoyable. The only odd thing was that it was so warm, which is odd as I am usually freezing on planes. Good thing I dressed in layers and drank lots of water. We really didn’t get much sleep on the plane and by the time we cleared customs and baggage claim, and found the fly bus into Reykjavik it was 7am. Our room at the centerhotel plaza wasn’t going to be ready until 9am, but at least we got to sample the breakfast buffet. We were both exhausted and once the room was ready we slept for quite a few hours.

Once we got up, we took a walk by the waterfront. Took pictures of the harbour and ended up at the beautiful concert hall and conference centre Harpa. It is a spectacular glass structure overlooking the water with magnificent views.
We walked back to the central area that we are staying and found a quaint restaurant for supper. I enjoyed roasted lamb and root vegetables in mushroom sauce with a glass of Chilean Cabernet Sauvignon.

On the way back we looked into the many shops and stopped into a 24h grocery mart for snacks.
It is very odd for it not to be dark, I am writing this after midnight and the sun is still shining. We are heading to bed shortly and will be going on the golden circle tour of Iceland tomorrow.


The journey begins

I’m so excited (and a little bit nervous) to leave on my euro trip tonight. Stewart had to work in Halifax yesterday and today, so it made sense for Anne and I to get a drive with him rather than rent a car. We spent some time in downtown Halifax and made sure to get a good night’s sleep. If you are a Facebook friend or twitter follower, then you know my pics of food and drink will continue during this trip 🙂 Anne and I had lunch at the Fireside and Stewart and I had supper at the Grill at Cut. I’ve got a little over an hour before check in starts and just under 4 hours before the plane is scheduled to leave. Next post will be from Reykjavik, Iceland!

20120628-180849.jpgCosmo at the Fireside

20120628-180929.jpgCurried scallop appetizer

20120628-181009.jpgSteak Sandwich at the Grill at Cut

What happens when you arrive at the airport 5 hours early…


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